“Susane is a miracle worker. I don't know how she did it, but she found a place for all my stuff that totally makes sense. Plus I can actually walk into my walk-in closet now...before I could hardly get the door open! Amazing.”

— P.A., Photojournalist, Hudson Yards

Susane transformed my life when she transformed my apartment. She helped me to organize my mind by organizing my stuff. Susane raises consciousness about the space that we live in and advises us on how to reclaim our space to become more empowered, happier, and healthier. I feel right at home in the simplicity of my re-imagined space, and I am forever grateful to Susane for her ingenuity and care.
— Patricia, Kindergarten Teacher, Brooklyn

"Susane is warm, friendly, and a genius at organizing! She caters to your needs, really assessing your personal lifestyle and budget on organization. She dove into our place and gave us recommendations for items at the Container Store that have made our day-to-day life much more streamlined. I love that I can find everything and my place looks amazing!"

- Nicci Roessler, Director of Strategy at Ashcroft Capital, Chelsea

“I was hesitant about working with an organizer, but Susane was so patient and compassionate she made the process of organizing my entire home simple. She is kind but tough when she needs to be, which is exactly the approach I needed. ”

— Lucy B., Professor of Art History, West Village

Thank you for giving me my life back, Susane. You have transformed my apartment into my dream home. It’s so beautiful now, I want to be in all of my rooms at once!
— G.T., Upper West Side

“Susane is great to work with. She is incredibly positive and energetic and finds true pleasure in organizing and decluttering homes. In working with our family, she created a vision of what our home could look like, and used this to encourage us whenever we started to get overwhelmed or sidetracked. My husband, my 14-year-old daughter and I all have different habits, and she was equally terrific with all of us.

We first started working with Susane to help organize our child's room. Soon, we had her working on the rest of the apartment. It later became clear that we would need to redo our floors due to an air conditioner flood, and equally clear that we had grown too comfortable using our floors as additional closet space. Susane not only helped us to purge, she also helped us to pack everything up before the work got started, stayed on top of the contractor, and fully unpacked and organized everything. We were able to take a pre-planned vacation because of her, and came home to lilies on the table and everything put away. Our apartment looks beautiful–truly the ‘zen oasis’ she envisioned.

As an added benefit we had not expected, we have noticed since we returned home that clutter looks so out of place in our ‘zen oasis’ that we feel compelled to put things in their respective places immediately. And, since Susane has helped us find a place for everything, that process is easier than ever!"

- Elizabeth Lynn, VP Research and Grants
- David Block, Financial Professional and Coach